New chapter

autumn puddle

Last time I sat down to write a blog post was just over a year ago, this year has been a complete game changer for me and my family, so it only felt right starting a fresh with a brand new blog as well.

This year, I officially become a mother of a teenager. I also saw in, the end of an era of changing nappies, sleepiness nights and mega tantrums what with my youngest turning 5 and in full time education and us not planning to have any more.

This year I shut down my yarn business that I ran from home, to completely change career and work full time in an office alongside my husband.  I spent a good few months as a neurotic women, but after being a work at home mum for so many years and then be faced with the challenge of hiring a live in nanny, to look after my children while I worked who could blame me!

This year we have also moved house, travelled to some really beautiful places and shared some memorable experiences with friends.

After visiting my old blog a few days ago and looking back through posts from the last few years of my blogging, I realised I had really missed journalling and really felt nostalgic for not writing over the course of this year.

So instead of starting a new blog in the “new year” (that would be far to cliché) I am going to make a start right now as this year isn’t over yet!


* In case your wondering the photographs were captured at autumn last year!

Thank you for reading and sharing

With love


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