Super easy veggi soup recipe…

This super easy soup recipe, can be adapted to whatever needs using up from the fridge or freezer.

This super easy soup recipe
Chunky super easy veggi soup

Being a veggie, I go through an insane amount of vegetables, so it won’t come as a surprise when I say, that I like to take full advantage of my freezer space.

This super easy soup recipe, can be adapted to whatever needs using up from the fridge or freezer, so just experiment with what you have on hand.

Chopped vegetables
Medley of vegetables

I have used.  

1,150 of vegetable stock (450ml of Tesco finest vegetable stock and 700ml jug of water with two knour cubes)

1 chopped onion

1 bundle of asparagus

1tlbs chopped garlic (I keep mine in the freezer)

2 heaped tablespoons of coriander (I keep some in the freezer at all times)

Handful of white mushrooms

Handful of sliced peppers (from the freezer)

Handful of sliced leeks (from freezer)

Handful of peas (from freezer)

2 white potatoes

Handful of Broccoli (from freezer)

Handful of cauliflower (from freezer)

Handful of sliced carrots (from freezer)

5 small sized beets

1 tin of butter beans

Finger length of tomato puree

1tbls of cumin

1tbls paprika

1tbls of lemon juice

And a 1tsp of chilli powder

Homemade soup
So rich in colour


Fry the chopped raw vegetables with the potatoes, peeled and cubed, in a little oil with the garlic for a five or so mins until they are beginning to soften. Then add in any quick frozen vegetables like peas, peppers and leeks.

Boil the rest of your frozen veg for 5 minutes while you’re browning. When ready combine them. Now add your beans, herbs and spices.  Throw in your beets to give your soup an injection of natural sweetness and colour.

Cover with the stock and simmer for 10-15 minutes until the veg is tender. Blend until smooth, or take out the potato and beans, then blend the rest until smooth (adding back in the veg you took out for a chunky version) the then season with black pepper.

This super easy soup recipe
Trick to making chunky soup

I managed to make my dinner, a Nuribullet helping for work and some to put in the freezer for when can’t be bothered to cook 🙂  (This soup will freeze for up to 1 month.)

This super easy soup recipe
I like to eat mine with Ryvita

My one tip would be not to skimp on the vegetable stock, it really does make or a break soup!

Let me know if you make the soup 🙂

Thank you for reading and sharing!



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