Through The Lens…My Weekend

moss on bark
Up close with moss on a fallen tree
ice on grass
Frozen grass
dewdrops on flowers
Rain drops on branches
Rain drops on branches
picture of a white goat
Gorgeous white goat
Velvet curly texture on a black alpaca
My Girl on a swing with fallen leaves all around her.
My niece on a swing with fallen leaves all around her.
My little Pirate
Merry go round
Merry go round
boy on pirate ship
Phoenix the blue eyed pirate
girl on merry go round
My Niece on the merry go round
picture of a duck pond
A beautiful pond we walk past on our way to the fields


This weekend, we were mostly outdoors enjoying the winter sun shine. I had my three niece’s come to stay. We walked the dogs and visited Fishers farm.

Was a perfect opportunity to get my D7100 out. All photos are shot with my 40mm lens, with the flash turned off.

Would love to hear what you think, please leave me a comment 🙂

Thank you for reading and sharing!







6 thoughts on “Through The Lens…My Weekend

  1. Beautiful pics and children! This post just reminded me to get back to using my D3200, it’s been a while. Might be one of my things to do for this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration. 😀


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