Wreck This Journal…Take 2

It has been a couple of weeks since I got my hand on the wreck this journal (if you missed my first post you can find it here) and I have to say, after a long day at work it has been so nice, to just slip in to my pyjamas, slide in to bed and scribble. I could go as far to say that’s almost therapeutic, as it gives my brain a break from my stressful workload.

Here are the pages I have done so far…

Wreck this journal
Colour around the edges
Wreck this journal
Add your page numbers
Wreck this journal
Write one word, over and over
Place sticky things here
Place sticky things here
Wreck this journal
Scribble recklessly

One of my favourites was making the paper chain, even if my hubby did start to question my sanity 😉

Wreck this Journal
First colour in the paper strips
Wreck this Journal
Cut them out and stick together
Wreck this Journal
Hang them on the page, and step back to admire
Wreck this Journal
At this point you realise that this task isn’t practical all
Wreck this Journal
YEP not practical at all lol

You can follow my board for my inspiration by clicking the following link: Follow Danielle Did What?’s board Wreck this Journal on Pinterest.

Have any of you started  a wreck this journal since my last post?  I would love to hear from you, please leave your links in the comments.

Any questions for me, please leave them in the comments.

Until next time, thank you for reading and sharing!


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