Naughty Little Cards…

As much as I am all for showing someone you love/ lusting after them, Valentine’s Day can be just a little bit too mushy and highly over rated for some, especially if you have been in a relationship for long time.

Now I have a sick warped sense of humour anyway, but I came across a website called The naughty little card shop and I just had to share some of these with you!

So if you’re looking for an alternative, to the “lovey dovey crap” look no further! (If not…well just enjoy a giggle.)

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You can find all these cards here and they are £3 each. They aim to dispatch within one working day, so plenty of time for you to grab one!

My favourite has to be ” I am so glad your mum didn’t swallow you” –  What’s yours?

Let me know if you decided to order one, and which one you picked!

Until next time thank you for reading, and sharing!


Skin Deep…The Body Deli Skin Care Review

Being a qualified beauty therapist, I know more than most, just how important it is to look after your skin and the impact on skin ageing if you don’t.

With that in mind, I am always on the lookout for new skincare ranges. Having trained in both Babor and Dermalogica, I wanted a skin care range that was clinically tested, organic and ethical while retaining that high end luxury look, constancy, and smell.

The Body Deli ticked all these boxes. I first came across them on a web site where I ordered the melon foaming cleanser, I was so impressed with the service and the packaging that I decided to explore The Body Deli range further going on to purchase a complete synergy of products.

Body deli skin care review
My Skin care products

Before I write about the products, here’s a background on my skin. It is product ingredient sensitive, can be very dry (I am prone to eczema) with oily t-zone. A combination skin that requires a lot of moisture in some places and prone to get oily in others – Nightmare.

Body deli skin care review
Cleanser and Face scrub

Every morning I use the Blueberry Fusion Resurfacing Cleanser, which is a thirty day resurfacing treatment to smooth, clear and refine your complexion using antioxidant rich, raw organic Blueberries and Acai fruit.  The product itself smells lush, it is easy to apply and rinses off really well.  I always do a double cleanse to make sure I remove all traces of makeup. My skin never feels uncomfortably tight after. Cleanser is £28.50

Body deli skin care review
Smells like a smoothie

Twice a week I use the Blueberry Fusion Micro- Scrub which is just like a smoothie in a pot. Honestly it smell’s good enough to eat!! This scrub feeds the skin while it exfoliates. My skin always feels really smooth afterwards and can sometimes tingle. Frist time I used it I thought I was experiencing a reaction, but it is just down to the natural fruit acids. Price is £28.50

Body deli skin care review

After I cleanse I like to use the Anti-Oxidant Vital C Serum to helps reverse sun damage and increases elasticity and keep my skin looking youthful. The consistency of the serum is nice and light and smells fresh and i have noticed a huge improvement in my skin-tone.  Price is £38

Body deli skin care review
Face cream

To moisturise I use a nourishing anti-ageing cream Crème de la Rose ,which not only has a beautiful name, but the smell is really heavenly. The cream is so thick and silky that is oozes luxury. This cream is handmade in small batches and takes 24 hours to make! So no wonder the price is £65 per pot. I find the cream is moisturising enough to keep my dry prone areas hydrated, without overloading my skin in areas prone to oiliness. I really look forward to using this product every day and for me it is worth every penny.

Body deli skin care review
Cream de la rose

I really love the product packaging, it’s fresh and modern, and I think it would hold its own on a shelf with more well know products in the skin care industry.

If you’re thinking of trying The Body Deil, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these products and would love to know what you think of them too!!

The next products I want to try in this range are the body scrubs, I will be sure to you know that I think.

This is an Unaffiliated review and all opinions are my own. Any questions leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

Thank you for reading and sharing