Website under construction!

There will be no new posts from me this week! I am currently moving from to (Hence why my web design is looking a bit dodgy at the moment)

This shouldn’t effect those of you that are following/ subscribing.

Got so many exciting posts and collaborations to share with you!

Until next time xx

2015 Colour Trends…

Don’t know about you, but I am loving this year’s colour pallet. So much so that I decided to incorporate them into my new blog design.

Marsala is such a gorgeous shade of red, and I tend to wear it quite a lot on my nails and lips. But maybe I am biased, as red is one of my favourite colours. – What do you think of it?

Danielle Did What
Officially addicted to adobe illustrator

Decided to give my blog some much needed customising.  I had so much fun creating a graphic of myself, I even added in my shoulder tattoo! (I am sporting a lovely Marsala red jumper too).

I incorporated this coming sessions colours into the rest of my design, and decided to put together a code colour chart for like-minded web designers and Photoshop enthusiasts


Feel free to share and repost on to your own websites 🙂

I would love to see how you use these colours, please leave your link in the comments if you would like to share!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone, thank you for reading and sharing!