How To Tint Your Own Eyelashes…

Ok, so you want to know how I tint my own eyelashes. (Please excuse the puffy red eyes, my mother is in hospital at the moment, hence why I am tinting my lashes rather than wearing mascara..I hate waterproof mascara)

First off let me tell you a few things first.

  1. If you get tint in your eye it HURTS like a BITCH!
  2. You need a steady hand!
  3. If you cannot put mascara on, without your eyes watering or rapid blinking, DO NOT attempt to tint your own eyelashes (see number 1)
  4. Always do a patch test BEFORE you tint!
  5. Beware that tint stains everything!
  6. I do not take any responsibility, for those of you that try this!

Still want to have a go? Make sure eyelashes are free of make-up and clean well.

Eyelash tint
I Get mine from Sallys, but they also sell kits on amazon.

You will need



Mixing Dish

Tint activating solution

Make up wipes

Q-tips (Cotton buds)


Barrier cream

Shot of vodka

First off, decide what colour you want, I do a mixture of blue tint and black tint. (The blue adds more depth to the black tint)

In your mixing dish add your tint (read the instructions)and solution (its normally two drops of the tint activating solution, but this can vary depending on what brand you use.) Mix well with your tinting brush, until tint is smooth. You want the mixture to be thick…NOT runny (that’s just asking for trouble)

Now at this point you can protect your skin with barrier cream, by using a Q-tip to apply to the upper and lower lash line. But be careful not to get it directly on your lashes, because the tint won’t develop.

I don’t use cream, because a) I can’t be arsed and B) I actually add it to my lash line because I like the effect, looks sort of smudgy.

How to do your own eyelash tint
You want a nice smooth tint, thick and not runny!

Now with a steady hand, paint your upper lashes first, making sure they are well covered on top (look down), and underneath (look up) DO NOT at any point close your eye! – Once you’re happy with coverage use a Q-tip to remove any excess tint from corners, looking out for blobs that could fall into your eye (ALWAYS sweep outwards)

Now paint tint on your lower lashes, again use Q-tip to remove any excess.

How to do your own eyelash tint

How to do your own eyelash tint

Repeat on other side. I leave mine to develop for Ten minutes.

Now the fun part (Now feel free to do that shot of vodka) Start with the eye you applied the tint to first, and grab some make-up wipes and some clean Q-tips

The trick to removing tint, is to keep your eyes wide open, and to wipe outwards at all times!!

I start with the lower lashes first, I put the wipe under lashes (so on the lower lash line) and use a dry Q-tip to remove most of it, by rolling it downward on the lashes, pressing them into the wipe.

Clean the upper lashes by, putting the wipe under your top lashes (this is why you need to be ok with touching your eyes, see picture) and use the rolling technique as described above. Once you’re happy that most of its off, grab a clean wipe, and sweep it across your lashes in an upward and outward motion

How to do your own eyelash tint
Never wipe towards your eye!
How to do your own eyelash tint
Place wipe under top lashes and use Q-tip to press lashes on to wipe
How to do your own eyelash tint
wipe until you feel clean

Now use a new wipe on your entire eye, and clean as you would when removing your eye make up until your happy all residue is gone.

Now repeat on other eye! Now you might get a little stinging should you get a little bit of residue in your eye, just keep cleaning and wiping outward…your be able to handle it, I promise.

Now should you get a bit of tint in your eye, don’t freak out, yes it stings like a bitch, yes you will probably swear a lot…but you’re not going to die! Just use Q-tip to remove  the blob, and remove as instructed above.

How to tint your own eyelashes
Before and After.
How to do your own eyelash tint
You will need to repeat every 4-6 weeks 😉

Lastly don’t go obsessing about getting every last bit off. As long as you are able to get a majority of it off you will be fine. If you wipe your eyes too much or too roughly then you will end up looking like a panda, or you could make them all red and puffy which is never a good look. The skin around your eyes is delicate so be nice.

Picture I posted on instagram about tinting my can find the post here.
Picture I posted on instagram about tinting my can find the post here.

When your riding the emotional roller coaster, have never ending panda eyes and detest waterproof mascara, best to tint your eyelashes! (Yep I do my own) #notthefainthearted (blog post coming soon)

Another add bonus to not wearing any makeup is not having to wash your face, so you can collapse straight in bed #skankybitch

Just having to embrace the constant red rings around my eyes and pale skin#vampirelife#nofilter

If you give eyelash tinting a go, i would love to hear from you!! So please good or bad experiences, let me know in the comments. ( I am in need of a good laugh at the moment)

Until next time, thank you for reading and sharing!