Naughty Little Cards…

As much as I am all for showing someone you love/ lusting after them, Valentine’s Day can be just a little bit too mushy and highly over rated for some, especially if you have been in a relationship for long time.

Now I have a sick warped sense of humour anyway, but I came across a website called The naughty little card shop and I just had to share some of these with you!

So if you’re looking for an alternative, to the “lovey dovey crap” look no further! (If not…well just enjoy a giggle.)

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You can find all these cards here and they are £3 each. They aim to dispatch within one working day, so plenty of time for you to grab one!

My favourite has to be ” I am so glad your mum didn’t swallow you” –  What’s yours?

Let me know if you decided to order one, and which one you picked!

Until next time thank you for reading, and sharing!